Blackfoot History

Nitawahsin-nanni- Our Land

Land of the Buffalo - Land of the Blackfoot

It is difficult to imagine a sight more beautiful and more awesome than a massive herd of buffalo on the move, either slowly grazing its way over the grasslands or launched into a desperate stampede seeking protection from unseen dangers..a moving carpet of black undulating over the hills and valleys of the endless prairies. There were millions of them, these hulking, shaggy beasts, so impressive in their power and strength; the prairies were their home. this was also the home of the Blackfoot.

The buffalo followed an annual migration which led them to seek the lush grasses on the prairies in summer and the relative protection of the foothills in winter. They were the Creator's gift to our people. Our Blackfoot history and culture developed around the life cycle of the buffalo, and our lives "revolved around the thundering glory of the buffalo hunt."

Ours was a semi-nomadic life, meaning that our people continually returned to the same sites in the same seasons that provided them food and shelter. Our culture and our community life developed in that way, in close harmony with this environment.  

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