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Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park offers several different site tours. Take one of our two outdoor tours of the numerous historic sites along with a local Siksika interpreter who will explain some history and the importance of the sites.

For more the adventuresome there is a self-guided tour just a short walk from the interpretive centre.

Take a indoor tour of the exhibit hall with a local Siksika guide, who will escort you through this 62,000 square foot eco-friendly museum, explaining the facility and exhibits. Afterwards you are welcome to go back to any exhibit area and explore it more.

If a guided tour is not your style, we invite you to explore our history and culture at your own pace with our interactive exhibits.

Dreaming Place Indoor Tour

Cost: $3.00 b per person

Enjoy an indoor guided tour of the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park exhibit area with our knowledgeable interpreters. The tour begins with a 10-minute introductory film in our Vision Quest Theatre, featuring cultural stories of the Siksika people and history of the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park.

The Dreaming Place tour then walks you through the 22,000 square foot Blackfoot exhibit featuring four main tipi areas representing separate Blackfoot themes: Creation, Survival, Celebration and Storytelling.

The modern exhibition includes a combination of traditional storytelling, video productions, ambient sound, interactive displays and sound stations, theatrical lighting, scenic design elements, plants and animals native to the area.

Chief Crowfoot Outdoor Tour

NOTICE: Due to flood damage, outdoor tours are CANCELLED until further notice.

bCost: $5.00 per person

Experience a guided tour of the outdoor historical sites in the vicinity of the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park Interpretive Centre.

The guide will take the group on a light to moderate hike throughout our pathways taking care to explain the Siksika peoples’ history and ties to this land. 

Along the way the group will enjoy informative storyboards describing the diverse geographic landscapes, various landmarks including Chief Crowfoot’s last tipi site and burial site, the Treaty No. 7 camp site, the traditional relationship with the Cree Tribes, the vast traditional territory of the Blackfoot and various iconic landmarks in the area.

The guide will describe the relationship between the land and the Siksika people, and describe the historical significance of the Blackfoot Crossing.

Maximum 20 people per interpreter.

Some light to moderate hiking/walking is required. Outdoor Tours are seasonal from May-October

Chokecherry Trail Eco-Tour

NOTICE: Due to flood damage, outdoor tours are CANCELLED until further notice.

This self-guided tour takes outdoor enthusiasts through our newly expanded Tipi Village and on to an archeological excavation site. 

The Chief Crowfoot Tipi Village is an interactive cultural village where interpreters and artisans mingle with visitors wishing to learn traditional crafts or hear great Blackfoot legends. Interpreters also impart their wisdom of the plant and wildlife species in the area.

There may be (weather permitting); meat smoking, hide tanning, and other cultural demonstrations of which you can watch or participate.  A short walk through a wooded trail leads to our archeological dig where it is believed Mandan Indians established an encampment hundreds of years prior.

Light to moderate hiking/walking is required.

Outdoor Tours are seasonal from May-October

Historical Self-Guided Outdoor Tour

There are several historic sites contained within Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park just a short walk from the interpretive centre.

Here visitors will begin to understand the importance of this place as well as sense its ancient wonder.

Self-Guided Tour area maps are available at the front desk.

Details of the Sites:

Blackfoot Crossing

Poundmakers Monument

Treaty 7 Monument

Chief Crowfoots Grave Site

Last Tipi Site





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